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Another excellent tool! The scan of your hard drive is displayed in a combined view. The program window is split threefold. In the upper half (left) you find the tree view integrated in a sortable table view, so you can easily find the biggest folder, biggest files, folders with the most files etc etc. This window also integrates basic filemanager functions, and allows you to open the selected file, delete it, or access its properties – yes even open a dos prompt here! Of course, you can use your filemanager directly from within WinDirStat.

The right part shows you the file types in table view, again sortable by various criteria (extension, description, size, percentage of usage, number of files).

The bottom half gives you either the default view or the “Sequoia” view. Both show you the usage of your disk in (‘squarified’) rectangles. The biggest rectangles represent the biggest items on your hard disk and are so easily identified. WinDirStat is an almost complete tool only lacking the possibility to save a scan, and maybe a chart type or two.

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